Basic course on scientific writing for mid-level researchers and development practitioners

Basic-course-on-scientific23 08 2016

The James P Grant School of Public Health's centre for Professional Skills Development offered a 5-day short course on ‘Basic course on scientific writing for mid-level researchers and development practitioners’. The course was designed for mid-level development practitioners and aspiring researchers who would like to write a manuscript. The ability to write a scientific report is imperative for knowledge documentation and dissemination. This is a critical skill for researchers and development practitioners. There has been a visible gap among practitioners and researchers in Bangladesh between the ability to gather data, and analyse and critically interpret this in writing. The course aims to bridge this gap by providing tangible skills to write scientifically. Participants also learnt the need and process for publication, and the dissemination process for greater exposure.

Short course on Statistical Computing with Stata















Professional Skills Training Centre of James P Grant School of Public Health (JPGSPH) at BRAC University, organized a 2-day short course on ‘Statistical Computing STATA’ which took place from 27-28th June, 2016. The course was conducted by Fahmida Homayra, Senior Statistician at the school. The course was focused with a comprehensive introduction to STATA, covering its data management, graphics, data analysis capabilities. This course also includes efficient application of STATA documentation process. Through hands-on experience with various data management, graphical, analytical tools offered by STATA, in-class assignments using real data, and consultation with the lecturer, participants learned how these tools effectively tackle a diverse range of statistical problems.

Rethinking Medical Anthropology and its Methodology

Rethinking Medical Anthropo 07 06 2016

A three-day workshop on ‘Rethinking Medical Anthropology and its Methodology’ was offered by the James P Grant School of Public Health's centre for Professional Skills Training in January, 2016. The participants of the lecture were professionals from JPGSPH, BIED and BRAC University. The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Lawrence Cohen from University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Cohen gave a historical overview of anthropology, eventually transitioning to medical anthropology. Cohen highlighted how the emergence of the field of medical anthropology is also political that ties timelines with wars and imperialism. Cohen also touched upon how the human body was conceived in a purely medical manner with the advent of modernization in Europe.