Starting with a small nucleus recruited from within the BRAC organisation, the faculty is now growing through recruiting more from among the School's own graduates. With the School gaining popularity, there is also some interest among non-resident Bangladeshis to return. To overcome staff shortage and to bring diversity, adjunct faculty from partner institutions have been engaged who also train BRAC's own faculty in innovative teaching practices. 


Dr. Sabina Faiz RASHID, PhD, Dean & Professor

Director of Centre of Excellence for Gender, Sexual & Reproductive Health and  Rights (CGSRHR) ;

Associate Vice President, IMPACT, BRAC University

Prof. Malabika SARKER, Associate Dean & Professor; Director Research and Director of Centre of Excellence for Science of Implementation and Scale Up (CoE-SISU)

Prof. Syed Masud AHMED, Professor & Director of Centre of Excellence for Health Systems and Universal Health Coverage (CoE-HS&UHC)

Zahidul QUAYYUM, PhD, Professor & Co-Director of Centre of Excellence for Urban Equity and Health (CUEH)

Kaosar AFSANA, Professor

Malay Kanti MRIDHA, Professor & Director of Centre of Excellence for Non-Communicable Disease (CNCDN)

Dr. Nepal Chandra DEY, Adjunct Professor

Md. Tanvir HASANAssociate Professor & Co-Director of Centre of Excellence for Urban Equity and Health (CUEH)

Dr. Ilias MAHMUD, Assistant Professor (On Leave)

Bachera AKTARAssistant Director, Center of Excellence for Gender, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (CGSRHR)

Farhana ALAMAssistant Director, Center of Excellence for Gender, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (CGSRHR)

Dr. Nasima SELIM, Senior Lecturer (On Leave)

Dr. Nadira SULTANA, Lecturer III (On Leave) 

Fabia Fairoze DOZA, Coordinator, Dean & AVP, Impact Office

Saif KAMAL, Communications Strategy & Capacity Building Expert

Kazi Tamanna MAHIN, Communications Strategy & Capacity Building Expert

Professor Syed M HASHEMI, Advisor

Proloy BARUA, Assistant Professor (Part-time)


Part Time

Dr. Shaikh A. Shahed  HOSSAIN, Professor

M Shafiqur Rahman, Technical Advisor

AKM Mazharul IslamAdjunct Professor

Masters of Public Health Programme (MPH)

Md. Koushik AHMED, Deputy Director, MPH Programme

Haowa Mustagfira ESHA, Deputy Coordinator, MPH Programme  

Tahsin Madani HOSSAIN, Assistant MPH Coordinator, Administration & Student Affairs

Fauzul KABIR, Assistant MPH Coordinator


Finance, HR and Administration

Zahid Imtiaz MANNAN, Sr. Manager, Finance & Accounts

Md. Abul Kalam AZAD, Manager, Finance & Accounts

MD WAHEDUZZAMAN, Manager- Budget, Finance & Accounts

Kamalendu GUHAAssistant Manager, Finance & Accounts

Rifat Ara DANA, Sr. Accounts Officer

Fatema SULTANA, Accounts Officer 

Saima Ali, Manager, Human Resource 

Nazray Morshed KHAN, Human Resource Officer

Md. Sohel RANA, Assistant Manager, Administration

Rumin AKTER, Logistic Officer 


Supriti SARKER, Assistant Manager

Mukul Chandra BARMAN, Assistant Manager, Graphic Design

Asif FAISAL, Sr. Officer, Communications

Nuruzzaman LUCKY, Sr. Graphic Designer

Md. Mashud RANA, Web Developer & Designer

Marketing & Advocacy

Amreen Ayesha QAIYUM, Marketing & Advocacy Associate

GSK Project

Md. Mikhail I. ISLAM, Learning Design Advisor

Newman Project

Afrida FAIZA, Research Assistant

MFAA-Asia Project

Md. Maruf RAHMAN, Research Assistant

RED Project

Dr. Fouzia KHANAM, Sr. Research Fellow

Fahmida AKTER, Sr. Research Fellow

Gender Based Violence

Shakil Rahman AYAN Assistant Research Coordinator


Nadia FARNAZResearch Fellow

Wafa ALAM, Research Associate

Ishrat JAHAN, Research Associate

Farzana MANZOOR, Research Associate

Md. Imran Hossain MITHU, Research Associate

Samiha ALI, Research Associate

Abdul AWAL, Research Associate

Adrita RAHMAN, Research Associate

Ateeb Ahmad PARRAY, Visiting Fellow

FAO Much project

Farzana Tamanna Ummey SHAON, Research Associate
Md. SALAUDDIN, Research Assistant

Mental health & Telecommunication Sustainability Project

Dr. Anis PERVEZ, Sr. Technical Advisor

Mohymeen LAYES, Research Associate

Syeda Sayka TABASSUM, Research Assistant

Old Age Allowance

Srizan CHOWDHURY, Research Assistant

Climate change - HB  

Md. Shihab Ad DIN, Sr. Research Assistant

Suhi HANIF,  Sr. Research Assistant

Centre of Excellence for Science of Implementation and Scale Up (CoE-SISU) 

Dr. Yameen MAZUMDER, Project Implementation Specialist 

Saima MEHJABEEN, Sr. Research Associate

Shams Shabab HAIDER, Research Associate

Rafee Muhammad TAMJID, Sr. Communications Officer 

Suhan Ahmed OMI, Research Assistant

BIED Tele –counseling

Atiya Rahman, Sr. Research Fellow

Hossain Mohammed Omar KHAYUM, Sr. Research Assistant
Nosin NAHIAN, Research Assistant

Abortion Care Study

Md. Tahmid AHMED, Sr. Research Assistant 

Abdullah Al ASIF, Research Assistant
Ayanti BARUA, Research Assistant

Gates Gender & Covid

Abida Sultana SUKTA, Sr. Research Assistant

Right Here Right Now (RHRN)

Kuhel Faizul ISLAM , Sr. Coordinator 

HPL Play Lab in Government School

Mrinmoy SAMADDER, Sr. Research Fellow

Raafat HASSAN, Research Associate

WHO Rohingya  

Baby NAZNIN, Sr. Research Assistant

Sudipta Das GUPTA, Research Assistant

Centre for Professional Skills Development on Public Health (CPSD)

Md. Munirul ISLAM, Sr. Project Officer 

Centre of Excellence for Health Systems and Universal Health Coverage (CoE-HS&UHC)

Nahitun NAHER, Sr. Research Fellow

Samiun Nazrin Bente Kamal TUNESr. Research Associate

HHH (Health,Hygiene & Housing)

Rukhshan FAHMI, Research Associate

Mushfiqur RAHMAN, Deputy Research Coordinator

Md. Ashraful ALAMSr. Field Coordinator

HPL BIED Playlab-Rohingya

Samira Ahmed RAHA, Research Assistant

Migration Passages

Selima Sara KABIR, Assistant Research Coordinator

Dutch Disability Project

Irin AKHTERSr. Field Coordinator

Sumona SIDDIQUA, Research Associate 

Fatema Akter BONNY, Sr. Research Associate

Rafia SULTANA, Sr. Research Associate

Adrita KAISER, Assistant Coordinator

Rafiul ALAM--Research Associate

Md. Arfat UDDIN, Data Management Officer

Adity Shayontony DAS, Research Assistant

Md. Tareq Hasan, Field Research Assistant

Mohammed Haisom Aftab EVAN, Research Assistant

Arifa Bente MOHOSIN, Research Assistant

Sharmin SULTANA, Research Assistant

Bankim MADHU, Research Assistant

Masculinity Project

Subas Chandra BISWAS,  Sr. Research Fellow

Kazi Sameen NASAR, Sr. Research Associate

Nazrana KHALED, Deputy Coordinator

Sukamal CHAKMA, Data Management Officer


Kazi Faria ISLAM, Research Associate 

Nibedita SARKAR, Research Associate

Ranjan KOIRI, Research Associate

Countering Backlash

Dr. Sharin Shahjahan NAOMI, Technical Expert (Gender)

Afsin AHMED, Deputy Project Coordinator


Tasfiyah JALIL Sr. Coordinator

Md. Mostafizur RAHMAN, Assistant Coordinator

Maimuna Zahra FARIHA, Research Assistant


Professor Abu Hena M. Mahbub LATIF, Scientist (Part time)

SPA Endline Study

Sorif HOSSAIN, Sr. Research Assistant

TB/Malaria Project

Md. Kamrul Hasan, Research Assistant

IDRC Project

Habiba NOWROSE, Research Associate

Qazi Mustabeen NOOR, Research Associate

Zuhrat INAM, Research Associate

COVID 19 & Countering Backlash

Tahera AHSAN, Policy & Gender Expert

Asif Al ABDULLAH, Research Assistant

Medical Treatment Loan

Dr. Atonu RABBANI, Associate Scientist (Part Time)

Muhammed Nazmul ISLAM, Research Fellow

Md. Kamrul HASAN, Research Assistant

Palliative Care

Sayema AKTERSr. Research Associate

Mollah Mohammad Shamsul KABIR, Research Assistant

D M Rezoan KOBIR, Research Assistant

Kaliganj IR

Malika Asia TAMIM, Research Associate

Chand MIA, Sr. Research Assistant

Antara ROY, Research Assistant

Unicef Rohingya

Sahidur RAHMAN, Field Coordinator

Male Youth and SRHR

Farzana MISHAResearch Coordinator

A.S.M NADIMResearch Associate

Syed Hassan IMTIAZ, Research Associate

Moumita ISLAM, Research Assistant

Hridita Chakraborty, Research Assistant


Mahmuda Akter SARKAR, Qualitative Data Manager

Muhammad Riaz HOSSAIN, Assistant Project Coordinator

Bangladesh Health Watch(BHW)

Yasmin Hemayet AHMED, Adviser

Shaikh Masudul ALAM, Chief Coordinator

Md. Mofakker Morshed Khan CHOWDHURY, Coordinator, Field Operation

Mahruba KHANAM, Programme Officer

Humanitarian Response Study 

Mahmood PARVEZ, Sr. Research Associate

Mir Raihanul ISLAM, Sr. Research Associate

SDP project-Photo Narrative  

Prantik ROY, Research Assistant 

Alvira Farheen RIA, Research Assistant


Abu Abdullah Mohammad HANIF, Sr. Research Fellow

KMC (Kangaroo Mother Care)

Bushra Zarin ISLAM, Sr. Research Associate

Psychodrama (NWO-WOTRO) 

Adbul JABBAR, Assistant Project Coordinator

Non Communicable Disease (NCD) 

Abu Ahmed SHAMIM, Associate Scientist 

Barnali CHAKRABORTY, Assistant Scientist

Dr. Mehedi HASAN, Sr. Research Fellow 

Md. Monjurul ALOM, Project Officer 

Dr. Ali AHSAN, Clinical Medical Officer

Tanmoy SARKER, Clinical Medical Officer

Md. Yeasin ARAFAT, Clinical Medical Officer

Muhammad Abul KALAM, Research Associate

Nushrat Jahan URMY, Research Associate

Priscilla KHYANG, Sr. Research Assistant

Farjana YEASMIN, Administration and Accounts Assistant

Polio Project

Mowtushi MATIN, Sr. Research Associate

Humayra Binte ANWAR, Research Associate

Abhijeet ROY, Clinical Medical Officer

Zinc Study Project  

Md. Mokbul HOSSAINAnalyst (Statistics)

Kamal Chandra SHIL, Research Assistant 

Md. Anowarul Islam KHAN, Research Assistant

Most. Nurzahan BEGUM, Research Assistant

Monjuma Aktar LABONI, Research Assistant

Kamrunnah BEGUM, Research Assistant

Most. Rowshon Ara PARVIN, Research Assistant

Aliesin CHAKMA, Research Assistant

Md. Qudrot- E- Elahi SARKAR, Research Assistant

Mokhsedul HAQUE, Research Assistant

Joya Rani GHOSH, Research Assistant

Asma AKHTER, Research Assistant

Manindra Nath SARKAR, Research Assistant

Baha Uddin ZAKARIA, Research Assistant

Nasrin AKTER, Research Assistant

Subrata Kumar BISWAS, Research Assistant

Shahanaj PARVIN, Research Assistant


Avijit SAHA, Research Fellow

Jony Barnard MACKFIELD, Sr. Field Coordinator

UNFPA Mapping

Saira Parveen JOLLYSr. Research Fellow


Md. Sajib RANA, Research Assistant


Mrittika BARUASr. Research Fellow

IRB (Data Repository) 

Rubaiya Riya SIDDIQUA, Sr. Research Assistant

Tanzima PERVIN, Research Assistant


Jannatul SUMRINA, Research Assistant

Post-Crash Care Study

Md. Zakir Hossain PINTO, Research Assistant

Dr. Zarin TASNIM, Research Assistant

Md. Mehedi Hasan SARKAR, Research Assistant

Md. Nasir UDDIN, Research Assistant

Rana Plaza Project

Turzo Nicholas MONDAL, Research Associate

Wellcome Trust

Mosammat Tahera AKTER, Sr. Research Fellow

Md. Uzzal CHOWDHURY, Sr. Statistician

Marzuka Ahmed RADIA, Research Coordinator

Hasna Hena SARAResearch Associate

Rituja SHOME, Research Assistant

Adeepto Intisar AHMED, Research Assistant

Delufa Tuz JERIN, Research Assistant 

Prianka Sultana HEMA, Research Assistant 

Shahriar HASAN, Research Assistant

Salma Akter URME, Research Assistant

T.M. Abu SALEH, Research Assistant


Kartick Chandra DAS, Project Officer

Swapan Kumar CHANDRA, Field Coordinator

Mst. SALMA, Research Assistant

Jesmine Dipa BISWAS, Research Assistant

Nasima AKTER, Research Assistant

Afroza KHATUN, Research Assistant

Monera AKTER, Research Assistant

Nurul ALAM, Research Assistant

Md. Moynur RAHMAN, Research Assistant

Md. Raqib UDDIN, Research Assistant

Most. Afroza KHATUN, Research Assistant

Miss Shuly AKTER, Research Assistant

Arifa KHANAM, Research Assistant

Manoj Kumar DAS, Research Assistant

Nazmin AKTER, Research Assistant

Mst. Lakia KHATUN, Research Assistant


Visiting Faculty 

Shafinaz SOBHAN, Visiting Senior Research Fellow

On Study Leave

Suborna CAMELLIAPhD Researcher

Shahana SIDDIQUIProgram Coordinator

Sabuj Kanti MISTRY, Sr. Research Fellow

Fatema Binte RASULLecturer II 

Zabir HASANSr. Research Associate

Jhalok Ranjan TALUKDARSr. Research Associate

Nadia Ishrat ALAMGIRSr. Research Fellow (Part Time)

Ipsita SUTRADHAR, Research Fellow

Md. Belal HOSSAIN, Sr. Research Associate

Puspita HOSSAIN, Sr. Research Associate

Rajat Das GUPTA , Sr. Research Associate 

Animesh TALUKDER, Research Associate

Nahela NOWSHINResearch Associate

Ibrahim Hossain SAJAL,  Statistician

Syeda Tahmina AHMED, Sr. Research Assistant 

Sharmin Akter SHITOL, Research Assistant

Amina AMIN, Research Assistant


Midwifery Education Program 

Selina AMIN, Head, Midwifery Education Programme and Project Director 

Dr. Sharmina RAHMAN, Strategy Advisor 

Kalpana ROY, Team Leader

Surayia BEGUM, Principal

Muhammad Tariqul ISLAM, Senior Manager, Finance

Md. Jahangir ALOMDeputy Manager, Finance & Accounts

Bilkis ARA, Research and Evaluation Specialist

Taslima AKTER, Operations Manager

Tabassum Tahrima ZAHAN, Student Affairs & HR Support Officer

Md. Habibul ALAM, Advocacy and Communications Specialist

Kazi Mohammad Abu YUSUFAdmin Cum Procurement Officer 

Priti Elizabeth HALSONA, Monitoring & Documentation Officer

Hosne Jannat JYOTI, Sr. Instructor

Nasrin AKTER, Sr. Instructor

Dolly AKTER, Sr. Instructor

Ms. Jannatul Ferdoues MITUSr. Instructor

Habiba KHANOM, Sr. Instructor

Sumi AKTER, Instructor

Sheena HALDER, Instructor

Rifat Ara Binte RASHID, Instructor

Subarna Rani DAS, Junior Instructor

Asma KHATUN, Junior Instructor

Sonchita BAIDYA, Junior Instructor

Shubarna MUKTI, Junior Instructor

Nazmon Naher ANY, Junior  Instructor

Sajeda KHATUN, Midwife

Shirina KHATUN, Midwife

Ummey KULSUM, Midwife

Mst. Rozina AKTER, Midwife

Anindita Binte JAHAN, Counselor

Rokeya NASREEN, Hostel In-Charge   

Md. Rezaul ISLAMAdmin and Finance Officer