Dr. Golam Enamul Hasib CHOWDHURY

Coordinator( Part Time)







Tel: +88 (02) 9827501- 4 Ext :6049
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Dr. Hasib is a Lecturer at the School. Before joining JPGSPH, he worked at Unnayan Onneshan, a research organization as a Research Associate. He also worked as a student staff at the students Union of the University of Wolverhampton, the United Kingdom from where he completed his MPH in 2008. He worked with School of Health of the University of Wolverhampton on a project focusing on availability of anti-retroviral therapy. He is currently involved in a number of research projects such as the Food Security Nutritional Surveillance Project, District Investment Case Analysis, Pay for Performance (P4P) etc. His areas of interest include research methodology for epidemiological studies, climate change, air pollution, infectious disease, urban health, anti retroviral therapy and HIV/AIDS. Dr.Hasib received his MBBS from Dhaka University