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RUBINA Jahan Rumi

Rubina Jahan Rumi is a clinical psychologist and mental health professional with six years of experience in providing psychotherapy. She secured a gold medal from Dhaka University for exceling her Masters in Clinical Psychology, completed her MPhil in the same area and comes with managerial experience in the non-profit sector.


She worked at Kaan Pete Roi (an emotional support and suicide prevention helpline) for almost five years as Head, Training and Research. She is also one of the National Trainers of Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA). Besides her role as Counsellor at the ‘Developing Midwives Project’, she teaches psychology in two institutes in Dhaka.


She pursued researches in crisis intervention on the survivors of Rana Plaza building collapse, early warning signs of suicide in Bangladesh, parent-child relationship of people with substance dependence along with mental health status and coping strategies of Aila affected refugees. Beforehand, she worked at research assistant in several projects focusing adaptation of IQ test in Bangladesh, LGBT population, participatory action-research etc.