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Cross-country analysis of success factors study for women and children’s health


This World Health Organization-funded study sought to identify how ten fast-track low-and middle-income countries made a greater rate of progress towards meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) compared to other countries by reviewing policy and programme management inputs introduced from 1990 - 2012.

An evidence synthesis from success factor studies was conducted in 10 fast-track countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Nepal, Peru, Rwanda and Vietnam). Improvements in health and access to healthcare were driven by a variety of policy and programme inputs in both the health and non-health sectors, with continued political commitment. Fast track countries set priorities, developed long term strategies and held firm to these commitments, demonstrating strong governance at the highest level. A manuscript prepared from the report is now under consideration by the WHObulletin.

Partners/Donor: PMNCH/WHO