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BRAC James P Grant School of Public Health (JPGSPH), BRAC University was founded in 2004 in Dhaka, Bangladesh to address the unmet public health challenges particular to Asia, Africa and South America. The School's Institutional partners are, BRAC, the world’s largest NGO, reaching over 100 million people in Bangladesh and working in 11 countries in Africa and Asia; icddr,b, a leading international health research institute, which fosters innovation in the development and delivery of global life-saving solutions. The School is at BRAC University, a premier higher education and development research institution.

The School draws from Bangladesh’s remarkable public health achievements as well as BRAC Health’s nationwide services and BRAC International’s Health programmes in South Asia and Africa. BRAC JPGSPH, BRAC University therefore offers unparalleled real-life, community-centric teaching, learning and research experiences on critical and emerging national and global public health challenges. The School applies an interdisciplinary integration of Education, Training, Research and Advocacy to diverse health challenges such as, Maternal and Reproductive Health, Nutrition, Gender Equity, Sanitation, Non-communicable Diseases, Urbanisation and Climate Change. Thereby positioning BRAC JPGSPH, BRAC University to lead and innovate public health learning, investigation, policy and implementation.

The School builds capacity and contributes to Public Health by preparing individuals to become public health leaders, practitioners, critical thinkers, researchers, advocates, and stewards in order to enable concrete changes to improve the lives of disadvantaged populations locally, regionally and internationally.

BRAC James P Grant School of Public health (BRAC JPGSPH) is located at BRAC University.

BRAC University has 7 Departments, 4 Schools, 3 Institutes and 8 Centres, and offers 16 undergraduate and 16 graduate degrees along with several postgraduate diploma and certificate programmes. The University aims to develop core capacities to accelerate equitable development in Bangladesh. It ensures a high quality of education and aims to meet the demands of contemporary times.

In realising that developing country public health needs require immersive, community-based teaching and learning to provide locally innovated research and sustainable health solutions, the School’s institutional partners are:

Late Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, founder of BRAC, founded BRAC JPGSPH in 2004. BRAC is one of the world’s largest NGOs, and has various development programmes targeting the ultra-poor in health, micro- finance, education, and legal rights. BRAC field operations in communities offers a dynamic and diverse learning laboratory for BRAC JPGSPH’s Master of Public Health students. The School draws on the rapidly growing presence of BRAC International across 34 countries to identify students for its MPH programme. Research partnerships with BRAC allows the School to contribute to evidence to inform BRAC’s programmes and policies.

icddr,b is a Bangladesh-based international health research institute that strives to solve key public health problems. icddr,b is an institutional partner of BRAC JPGSPH. Some scientists are also faculty at the School, teaching courses and advising students on their research and theses. Its urban and rural research sites and clinical facilities offer important field-based hands-on learning opportunities for students.