Advocacy to Influence Policy and Programmes – BRAC JPGSPH believes in advocating for change in policies and working closely with stakeholders to push agendas of national and global importance.

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BRAC JPGSPH aims to foster better and healthier lives through evidence-based research which can inform policymakers, practitioners and programmes for vulnerable communities.

We strive to collaborate closely with communities, development practitioners, NGOs, INGOs, government and others, including global research and service delivery organisations .

All research projects undertaken by the School have policy and advocacy as part of their key mandate. One of the aims of the five Centres of Excellence is to translate research into policy and practice through influencing diverse actors.


Active Civil Society and engagements with Key Stake-holders to influence and impact on programmes and policies


Webinars from 2020


News Articles and 30 Blogs from 2020

Continual stakeholder engagement with Government, Key stakeholders, Civil Society and Donors

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Strong networks of partnerships for advocacy at global, regional, and national level

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Active engagement and creating change to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged populations

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To impact on programme designs and policies

Bangladesh Health Watch

The School serves as the Secretariat for a civil initiative called Bangladesh Health Watch (BHW), a multi-stakeholder civil society advocacy and monitoring network dedicated to improve the health system in Bangladesh through critical review of policies and programmes and recommendation of appropriate actions for change.

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45 Webinars were led and co-led by BRAC JPGSPH with other Organisations and Institutions to date. Faculty of the School were also invited to present at Global Panels.

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