December 2022 | Volume 1, Issue 10

Publication Digest

A monthly compilation of peer-reviewed publications authored and co-authored
by researchers at BRAC James P Grant School of Public Health

Data Resource Profile: The Global School-based Student Health Survey—behavioural risk and protective factors among adolescents

Authors: Anne C Bischops, Stefan T Radev, Ullrich Köthe, Simiao Chen, Pascal Geldsetzer, Malabika Sarker, Tin Tin Su, Fawzia Ahmed Mohamed, Noorali Darwish, Noor Ani Ahmad, Sidi Ahmed Ould Baba, Till Bärnighausen, Sandra Barteit

Published in International Journal of Epidemiology, dyac208


Prevalence and correlates of knowledge and practices regarding infection prevention and control, and triage in primary healthcare settings: A cross-sectional study in Bangladesh

Authors: Animesh Talukder, Antara Roy, Muhammed Nazmul Islam, Mohiuddin Ahsanul Kabir Chowdhury, Malabika Sarker, Morseda Chowdhury, Imran Ahmed Chowdhury, Mehadi Hasan, A. H. M. MahbubLatif

Published in Infection Prevention in Practice

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