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Online MPH Education / Academic Activities since COVID-19

In response to the fight against COVID-19 BRAC James P Grant School of Public, BRAC University has implemented important measures to ensure our student's safety, health and wellbeing and took immediate action regarding the Master of Public Health Classes. With proper planning and tremendous support from the teaching team, the School has successfully gone online with its Epidemiology module consisting of multiple lectures and tutorial sessions from March 22, 2020.

To conduct online modules successfully, BRAC JPGSPH procured Zoom Conference software to conduct real-time online Lectures, Tutorials, Discussions and Refresher sessions. The School introduced multiple online activities to assess student’s knowledge. The activities include Online Quiz, Q/A Session, Reflection write-up etc.

In addition to grading students on their tests, assignments and group project; marks for attendance and online class participation has been increased to motivate student involvement in the classroom discussions. Students from different countries are able to connect easily through Zoom. We record all the live sessions and share them with the students after each session concludes. Real-time IT support is available to both national and international students in case of any IT issues.

All community based experiential learnings are moved online in the form of intensive group work, country-based case studies, online debates, presentations, online role simulations, online interview, etc. We use Breakout sessions on the Zoom platform to facilitate these sessions. Virtual Learning Management System allows for flexible learning by recording all interactive lectures which are shared with students at the end of each day through Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle).

Refresher sessions are offered in specific intervals to review discussions, address any queries which allow for focused online tutorials. Faculty members and Teaching Fellows provide real-time structured and need-based support/coaching to students.

The MPH management team sends the Zoom link for each day’s class to all students the evening before. If a student is unable to attend class or faces technical issues during class, they are required to inform the MPH management team and the teaching team.

The MPH management team also monitors the attendance and participation of students during class. If a student is missing from class without informing, the MPH management team reaches out to them requesting justification for their absence in class and solves any technical issues hindering their participation. Zoom also creates an attendance report in which the MPH management team cross-checks each student’s attendance and participation in online classes.