Research Projects


Timeline: 2021-01-01 - 2025-12-31

PI: Farhana Alam, Assistant Director, BRAC JPGSPH; Maruf Rahman, Research Assistant

Coordinator: Sajib Rana, Assistant Research Coordinator, CGSRHR, BRAC JPGSPH

Objective:-        Our Voices, Our Futures (OVOF) is a global South-led consortium, comprising CREA, the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality (AFE), the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), UHAI — The East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative and WO=MEN. Consortium partners are complemented by strategic partner IM-Defensoras, a Mesoamerican women’s human rights defenders (WHRDs) organization. BRAC JPGSPH is working with CREA as a national level partner in this project.
-        OVOF will amplify voices and increase the visibility of structurally silenced women in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Lebanon, Sudan and Uganda (alphabetically named), resulting in structurally silenced women taking their rightful places in civic space and participating across three key spaces: online space, physical public space and legal and policy space. OVOF is unique among myriad interventions targeting gender equality and women’s rights because it specifically aims to achieve the inclusion of structurally silenced women within broader feminist movements, where fragmentation has led to the historical exclusion of structurally silenced women even, at times, from feminist movements themselves.
-        OVOF aims to uplift women who are structurally silenced due to their gender identity and/or their chosen form of labour (such as sex workers, working online and on-ground) and/or their activism (women human rights defenders or WHRDs). This structural silencing is systemic and by design, as global civic space is being actively narrowed and intentionally degraded by state actors as well as by non-state, anti-gender and anti-rights forces. OVOF work will defend and expand this civic space, online and on-ground. It will build capacities of feminist movements and actors to engage in policy and lawmaking, and advance gender equality to demand their rights.

Methodology: Qualitative

Donor: - CREA, India

Partner: - SPaRC, Oboyob