The Master of Public Health (MPH) Programme at BRAC JPGSPH, BRAC University is a one-year full-time programme that offers transformative public health learning to develop next-generation public health leaders for 21st century public health challenges.

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Since its inception in 2005, 562 students with diverse academic backgrounds in the social sciences and medicine; representing 34 countries in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South Americas, Western Pacific, Middle East and Europe have graduated from the MPH global classroom.

Students undertake collaborative projects in a wide-range of public health settings to develop on-the-ground conceptions of community health and pluralistic health systems.

Graduates from BRAC JPGSPH, BRAC University have been recruited by national and international organisations, UN organisations and academic institutions across the globe.


Experiential Urban and Rural Field Sites in 13 Districts in 2019


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Graduates from 34 Countries Since 2005


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Online Learning as of 2020

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic all classes are conducted online, however we plan to resume in person classes, field visits, and a blended approach to learning in Dhaka from October 2021-January 2022. This depends on the status of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Some distinctive features of our online platform include:

  • Global faculty and public health practitioners around the world;
  • Real-time online interactive lectures followed by open discussions and Q/A sessions;
  • Refresher sessions in specific intervals to review discussions, addressing any queries and allowing this for focused online tutorials;
  • Developing qualitative and quantitative research skills during pandemic via online and phone interviews and surveys with community-based respondents from different geographical regions and within Bangladesh;
  • Real time structured and need based support/coaching ad supervision by faculty members and Teaching Fellows;
  • Breakout sessions for intensive group work and country-based case studies, preparing for debates, online role simulations, etc.;
  • Live dialogues with different stakeholders, who attend via panel sessions and webinars;