BRAC JPGSPH hosts national and international interns from diverse educational backgrounds interested in public health and believes that they can leverage the setting of a culturally diverse group of learners and develop themselves as global citizens of a knowledge-based society.

Application is accepted on a rolling basis. The prospective Interns can apply around the year.

Experiential Learning

This internship opportunity at BRAC JPGSPH provides the interns with the scope to practically work in the community and visit service delivery organizations and health facilities, which enhances their understanding of public health challenges in both rural and urban contexts. BRAC JPGSPH has an extensive network of 36 field sites in Bangladesh, where the interns can conduct experiential community immersive teaching and learning through intensive urban and rural fieldwork as part of their internship.

Internship Duration

There is no strict rule for the duration of the internship. The usual duration varies from several weeks to half a year. Applications are accepted throughout the year and subject to the availability of space, and the stage and scope of the project, interns are recruited on a rolling basis.

Internship Scope

The interns get the scope to join short courses and training organized by BRAC JPGSPH or respective Project Investigators. Subject to the project stage, the interns may have the opportunity to avail experiential learning opportunities by joining field visits. The interns may also get to work on publishable manuscripts and report writing subject to discussion with their respective Project Investigators.

Enrollment Eligibility

BRAC JPGSPH welcomes interns with a passion for learning and contributing to the field of public health. The eligibility criteria are flexible to accommodate interns regardless of their academic and professional experiences. However, the following points are the minimum requirement for an intern:

  • Aged 18 years and above
  • At least 12 years of schooling
  • PhD students (national or international) pursuing thesis at a host institution
  • Ability to write and speak English
  • AND Currently enrolled on an undergraduate/graduate program in a college or university
  • OR Knowledge of research methodologies
  • OR Previous field experience in public health

Living costs and other costs

BRAC JPGSPH recommends accommodation for international interns at the BRAC Learning Centre (, Dhaka, owned by BRAC, which also houses international MPH students from BRAC JPGSPH throughout their academic year. This premise is close to BRAC JPGSPH, renowned hospitals, supermarkets, pharmacies, and accessible transport. Given the high demand, applicants are advised to make their bookings as soon as they are accepted into the internship programme. BRAC JPGSPH can assist in making necessary arrangements during booking. Alternatively, applicants can explore other accommodation and lodging arrangements if they wish. However, it is expected that they take care of these arrangements independently.

Note: BRAC JPGSPH’s internship programme does NOT provide any compensation and/or salary to the interns.


Each Intern will receive a certificate and an appreciation letter from the Dean of the school upon successful completion of the internship.

For internship related information, please e-mail:

Moontaka Tuba

Senior Manager, Legal

Administration & Education

Dr Ataur Rahman

Director Centre for Professional Skills Development in Public Health