Institutional Review Board (IRB)


The IRB at BRAC JPGSPH is the central body responsible for the technical and ethical oversight of the School. It is responsible for developing and setting technical and ethical standards and ensure their applications and adherence in all independent and collaborative projects and study proposals submitted by BRAC JPGSPH, any department or institute of BRAC University, or BRAC programmes particularly related to research.
The IRB operates through two interdependent bodies. The main IRB body looks into the ethical aspects of any research undertaken under its jurisdiction. Additionally, a Research Review Committee (RRC) scrutinizes the study design and scientific contents of a proposal, if necessary.

Application Process

IRB applications can be submitted at any time. However, application submitted after the First of each month, will be considered for next month’s session. Any application must include:

1. Application form duly filled and signed by the relevant researchers.

2. Ethics certificates for all key personnel.

3. All survey instruments in both Bangla, English, and any other local languages that the researchers may want to carry out the survey or the interviews.

4. Relevant consent forms.

5. IRB Application Fees.

IRB Fees

The IRB will charge BDT 30,000 per protocol/study proposal for regular submission IRB will waive the fees for the master’s students of BRAC JPGSPH, BRAC University and BRAC. For any doctoral thesis of BRAC JPGSPH, BRAC University and BRAC, the fee will be BDT 10,000. For any masters or doctoral thesis of students other than BRAC JPGSPH, BRAC University or BRAC (if anyone from BRAC JPGSPH, BRAC University or BRAC is the supervisor/co-supervisor of the thesis), the fee will be BDT 15,000. The fees can be deposited at the Finance Department, BRAC JPGSPH or can be deducted from the budgetary allocation of the respective projects.

Composition of IRB

The IRB is composed of the following persons:


Professor Malabika Sarker, Associate Dean and Director of Centre of Excellence for Science of Implementation and Scale Up (CoE-SISU), BRAC JPGSPH


Professor Atonu Rabbani, Mushtaque Chowdhury Chair in Health and Poverty, as Chair
Dr Mritika Barua, Assistant Professor, as Co-Chair

IRB contact

The application form can be obtained by sending an email to :
For further IRB related queries or assistance, please contact Tanzima Pervin at