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Maternal misperception of under-five children weight status and associated factors: A cross-sectional study

Authors: Tanmoy Sarker, Sabrina Ahmed, Sakib Rahman, Barnali Chakraborty

Published : May 28, 2024 in Maternal & Child Nutrition

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Protocol for the Adolescent Menstrual Experiences and Health Cohort (AMEHC) Study in Khulna, Bangladesh: A Prospective cohort to quantify the influence of menstrual health on adolescent girls’ health and education outcomes

Authors: Julie Hennegan, Md Tanvir Hasan, Abdul Jabbar, Tasfiyah Jalil, Elissa Kennedy, Erin Hunter, Adrita Kaiser, Sabina Akter, Afreen Zaman, Mahfuj-ur Rahman, Laura Dunstan, Alexandra Head, Nick Scott, Helen Anne Weiss, Thin Mar Win, G J Melendez-Torres, Kyu Kyu Than, Chad L Hughes, Sonia Grover, Mahadi Hasan, Sabina Faiz Rashid, and Peter Azzopardi

Published : April 10, 2024 in BMJ Open

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Operationalising the Capability Approach for Healthy Child Growth via a Participatory Method: An Illustrative Case in Haor Areas of Bangladesh

Authors: Barnali Chakraborty, Shrinivas Darak, Haisma Hinke

Published : April 05, 2024 in Journal of Human Development and Capabilities

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