Established in 2023, the hub offers teaching, programme design, and research efforts involving health, education, and the economy of climate change. It also collects and collates existing evidence and generates new evidence relating to climate change, environment, and health. It offers different tools, strategies, management options, and technical support to policymakers.

Farzana Misha, PhD

Assistant Professor

Latest Research Projects

Climate Adaptation and Climate-Driven Migration in South Asia (March 2023 to February 2024)

This quantitative and qualitative research is using an interdisciplinary research team to model, map, and develop interventions for climate change adaptation. Using a landscape analysis, the research looks to map the latest research and implementation of climate change adaptation strategies in Bangladesh. The Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability at Harvard University is a research partner and the study is funded by The Lakshmi Mittal and Family South Asia Institute at Harvard University.

Consultation on communities of practice for transdisciplinary research and action in climate change and health in Asia (CoP)

The mixed-method study was conducted with the primary objective of understanding how relevant stakeholders across research, policy, implementation, affected communities, and supporting organizations in Asia can be better supported to shape, undertake, and use transdisciplinary research, and advance action in climate and health (i.e., barriers and opportunities). The study was funded by Wellcome Trust with Quicksand Design Studio PVT Limited, India as the project partner and Empatika in Indonesia, Curiosity Design Research in the Philippines, and Beyond Group in Lebanon and Jordan as part of the consortium of partners.

Connecting Climate Minds

The Connecting Climate Minds project is conducted by a global team led by the School in Central and South Asia, and coordinated globally by Climate Cares at Imperial College London. The project is working to foster connections between people all over the world to come together to understand and respond to the deep interconnections between climate change and mental health. Funded by Wellcome Trust, Connecting Climate Minds brings together expertise across research, policy, design, and lived experience from across the globe. BRAC JPGSPH is the regional community convener for Central and Southern Asia

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