Research Projects

Sharenet documentary project on sexual diversity

Timeline: 2022-01-01 - 2023-12-31

PI: Farhana Alam, Assistant Director, CGSRHR, BRAC JPGSPH

Coordinator: Sajib Rana, Assistant Research Coordinator, CGSRHR, BRAC JPGSPH

Objective:"In this project we, in collaboration with Oboyob, aim to conduct qualitative research and produce a documentary which will capture the lived realities of the LGBTIQ communities including how the 2017 incident changed their lives, how they are coping with the changes and navigating through the challenges in recent times. The documentary would include the current situation of LGBTIQ movement in Bangladesh and long term strategies that needs to be implemented through the interviews from activists who had to leave the country after Xulhaz-Tonoy’s murder as well as the young activists who took the lead after that incident. We will also develop a policy brief  based on our research by identifying policy recommendations and strategies coming from the community on the next steps for effective movement for destigmatize and decriminalise LGBTIQ community in Bangladesh which will help the allies and human rights organisations to plan their activities to promote and increase the visibility of LGBTIQ population in Bangladesh. 

Methodology: Qualitative interviews and FGDs

Donor: Sharenet International

Partner: Oboyob