Research Projects

Where Do They Go? Documentary on Accessibility of SRHR (Sexual and reproductive health and rights) Services for Single Working Women in Urban Bangladesh
Year: 2018 - 2018
Organaisation: BRAC JPGSPH
Srhr Sexual And Reproductive Health And Rights Urban Health Dhaka City Service Accessibility

Researchers examined the journey of single working women in urban Dhaka accessing SRHR services. Identifying gaps for a more inclusive and efficient SRHR service by addressing their specific needs.

PI: Farhana Alam, Assistant Director, CGSRHR

Co PI: Anushka Zafar, Research Fellow 

Objective:The project explored the experience of single working women in urban Dhaka city go through in accessing services in terms of their SRHR needs and the gaps that need to be acknowledged to maintain an efficient SRHR service that is more inclusive. 

Donor: Share-Net

Partner: Bonhishikha