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Muhammad Tariqul Islam

Senior Manager, Finance and Accounts

Midwifery Education Programme

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I am a highly accomplished professional with a strong academic background and diverse experience in the fields of finance, marketing, and project management. I completed my MBA majoring in Finance from Stamford University Bangladesh, following an Honors degree in Accounting from Dhaka College under National University of Bangladesh. My career journey commenced in 1999 at ORG Marg quest, a renowned market survey company. Initially, I worked as a reviewer, evaluating the banking customer service of prominent institutions such as Standard Chartered, HSBC, FedEx, and DHL international courier service. During my four years of part-time involvement in marketing surveys, I gained valuable insights into the industry. In 2003, I transitioned to the role of Marketing Officer at a reputable petroleum company, where I spearheaded sales and credit collection efforts across eight districts in North Bangle. Seeking new challenges, I joined CHEMONICS International Incorporation in 2008, an esteemed international NGO. My journey began as a Grant Associate and progressively advanced to Senior Grant Associate. In this role, I oversaw the sub-grant contracts and accounts of 89 clinics under the Smiling Sun Franchise project, funded by USAID. My responsibilities included reviewing project proposals annually, conducting due diligence, monitoring progress, developing sub-contracts, and ensuring adherence to budgetary guidelines. Additionally, I played a crucial role in facilitating audits and addressing auditor queries for transparent reporting. In recognition of my expertise, I was promoted to Chief Accountant during my tenure with CHEMONICS International Incorporation until April 29, 2012. Joining BRAC JPGSPH at BRAC University on April 30, 2012, I took on the role of Project Resource Manager. I skillfully managed the accounts, grants, and sub-grants of various projects under JPGSPH. My contributions were instrumental in successfully completing significant projects, including NGPHEP (USAID), Go4Health (EC), and Midwifery (FCDO and IDRC). Due to the specific requirements of the FCDO-funded Midwifery Project, I assumed the role of Senior Manager Finance in June 2015. In this capacity, I provided comprehensive oversight of the project's financial operations, grants, contracts, and sub-contracts, occasionally taking on the responsibilities of an Operations Manager. As my career has progressed, I have embraced new challenges, and I currently oversee seven other projects and programs within JPGSPH. My passion for excellence and commitment to driving impactful projects have been the cornerstones of my successful career journey. I look forward to leveraging my skills and experience to contribute to future endeavors that make a positive difference.

Research Interests

Child and Maternal Health Mental Health Sexual and Reproductive Health