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Muhammad Tariqul Islam

Senior Manager, Finance and Accounts

Midwifery Education Programme

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Completed MBA major in Finance from Stamford University Bangladesh after completing Honors in Accounting from Dhaka College. Started career in a renowned market survey company namely ORG Marg quest in 1999 as a reviewer of the banking customer service of Standard Chartered and HSBC bank; FedEx and DHL international courier service. After 4 years of part-time involvement with this marketing survey, I joined as a marketing officer of a petroleum company taking responsibility of the sales and credit collection of district of North Bangle. In 2008, I joined in the CHEMONICS International Incorporation, an international NGO, as a Grant Associate and gradually promoted to Senior Grant Associate where I oversaw the sub-grant contracts and accounts of the 89 clinics under Smiling Sun Franchise project of USAid. My responsibility there was to review their project proposals in each year, conduct due diligence and track the progress, develop sub-contracts, regular review the expense over the budget and monitor their income achievement target for sustainability so that in future these clinics can run autonomously. I have been promoted a chief accountant in my last tenure of this organization till 29th April 2012. I joined BRAC JPGSPH, BRAC University on 30 April 2012 as a Project Resource Manager. My responsibility was overseen the accounts, grants and sub-grants of all the projects of JPGSPH. I have successfully completed few big projects, like NGPHEP of USAid, Go4Health of EC and IDRC, etc. Due to donor (FCDO) requirement, I was devoted to Midwifery Project as a Senior Manager Finance in June 2015 to oversee the full projects' accounts, finance, grants, contract and sub-contracts and time to time in-charge of operations of this project. Recently I have been overseeing 7 other projects and programmes of JPGSPH.

Research Interests

Child and Maternal Health Mental Health Sexual and Reproductive Health