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Riaz Hossain Khan

Assistant Scientist

Centre of Excellence for Urban Equity and Health (CUEH)

Short Biography

Riaz has been working modeling physical and hydrogeochemical systems and is well experienced in managing large-scale hydrogeological and environmental datasets. He served in teaching, environmental, and health research and consultancy for over eight years in Bangladesh, the USA, and the UK. Riaz joined as a senior research fellow in 2021 and is currently an Assistant Scientist at BRAC James P Grant School of Public Health, BRAC University. He is experienced in quantitative research using advanced statistical techniques, numerical groundwater modeling, and Geospatial analysis of hydrological, social, and public health-related data. Earlier, he worked on a UK's research project involving the statistical analysis and systems analysis of surveys relating to piped water supply systems in several villages in rural Bangladesh, using a wide range of socio-economic variables to identify leverage points for potential interventions. He also performed key roles as a Hydrogeological expert, Groundwater modeler, Meteorologist, Geologist, Environmental Specialist, and Research Assistant in multidisciplinary teams of Scientists, Engineers, Public Health researchers, and Social workers for feasibility studies and Environmental Impact assessments in several significant national projects. Few are the 137km long India-Bangladesh friendship petroleum transmission pipeline project, feasibility studies for nuclear power plant and nuclear reactor installations, US DOE-funded South West Partnered project on Geological Carbon sequestration, oil/ gas based combined cycle dual fuel, HSD based and Waste to energy power plant installations at different regions of Bangladesh

Current Projects

Air and noise monitoring campaign, Ambient lighting study, Public engagement on waste-induced waterlogging


• Geological Society of America International Award, 2022, 2020 • Texas Sea Grant - Grants in Aid for Graduate Research, USA, 2014 • Harriott Mott scholarship, 2017, • Geological Sciences Scholarship 2015 • Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Award (GCGSA), USA, 2014 • Texas Energy Council Scholarship, USA, 2014 • Competitive College of Graduate Studies Scholarship, TAMU—CC, USA, 2014 • Gulf Coast Gem and Mineral Society Scholarship, Texas, USA, 2013 • Coastal and Marine System Sciences Award, TAMU--CC, 2013 • Awarded National Academies Education Fellow in Life Sciences 2013-2014, Gulf Coast Summer Institute, USA, 2013 • Crest from BADHAN, a social voluntary organization • Bachelor’s Level Merit stipend •Merit stipend from Shariatpur District Education Trust, 2008 • Govt scholarships in class V and VIII

Research Interests

Water pollution; Air pollution; Climate change; Hydrogeology; Groundwater modeling; Public Health; Statistical analysis; Geospatial analysis


  • MSc in Environmental Science (Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi); MSc in Hydro-Geology and Environmental Geology (University of Dhaka); BSc in Geology (University of Dhaka)