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Ananna Farzana

Senior Officer, Communications


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Ananna is a skilled communication professional with a strong focus on visual storytelling. With over four years of experience in advertising and public relations, she brings her expertise to the team through strategic planning, content development, and creative supervision. She has strong skills in writing, editing, and translation which ensures that messaging remains consistent and impactful across various mediums. Ananna's prowess in photography and video editing enables her to craft captivating visual narratives that resonate with audiences. Having worked at organisations like Asiatic MCL, Concito PR, and WebAble, Ananna has previously collaborated with renowned brands including Uber, Lux, Rin, Sunsilk, Aarong, Savlon, Omera LPG, and MIB Spirit - Made in Bangladesh. Her passion for empowering others and promoting diversity and inclusion led her to become a training facilitator for Google's initiative #IamRemarkable which empowers women and underrepresented groups.


  • MSS (University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh)