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Md. Sohrab Hossen

Senior Research Assistant

Centre of Excellence for Urban Equity and Health (CUEH)

Short Biography

Md. Sohrab Hossen is a Senior Research Assistant at JPGSPH. He holds a BSS degree in Public Administration from the University of Barisal, Bangladesh, and is pursuing an MSS degree in Public Administration. He frequently writes about politics, governance, public policy, and sustainable development, Climate change, gender-based violence, patriarchy etc. in National and International English dailies and magazines.

Current Projects

1. Project: ARISE 
Donor: UK Research and Innovation’s Global Challenges Research
Role: Sabina Faiz Rashid (PI)

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

1. Hossen, M. S., Sohel, M. S., Horaira, G. A., Laskor, M. A. H., Sumi, A. B. A., Chowdhury, S., ... & Sarker, H. (2023). Exploring barriers to accessing healthcare services for older indigenous people in the Chittagong Hill Tract, Bangladesh. AIMS Public Health, 10(3), 678-697.  doi: 10.3934/publichealth.2023047

Other Publications

1. Citizens' participation in rural local government in Bangladesh: Through the Lens of Sherry Arnstein (2022). The Bossiness Standard.

2. Water: A story of voice, agency, harmony and leadership among women in Itagacha, Satkhira in Bangladesh (2023). Arise Consortium.

3. The Debate Over NGOs Accountability Mechanism (2021). The School of Thought.

4. How cool does it sound “He is rich, and he is not dishonest (2021). The School of Thought.

5. Pay heed to the remittance fighters (2021). The Independent.

6. Do we know ourselves better than technology knows us? (2021). The Bossiness Standard.

7. How to Overcome Crisis in Higher Education? (2021). The Daily Asian Age.

8. Question of Honesty of the Poor and the Rich (2021). The Daily Sun.

9. Who Should Be Blamed: I, You, And He? (2021). The Daily Asian Age.

10. Debate on accountability mechanism of NGOs (2021). The Daily sun.

11. How Facebook Spread Communal Hatred in Bangladesh? (2021). The Daily Asian Age.

12. How do we acquire the skill ‘learning from mistakes’? (2021). The Daily Independent.

13. What Does Moving Forward Mean To You? (2022). The Daily Asian Age.

14. Universities’ failure to produce skilled graduates (2023). The Daily Observer.

15. How do we acquire the skill "Learning from Mistakes? (2022). The Daily Asian Age.

16. Why do our universities fail to produce skilled graduates? (2022). The Daily Dhaka Tribune.

17. Communalism, the rise of a dirty game in India: who is aloft danger? (2022). Modern Diplomacy.

18. Preventing question paper leaks in public examination (2022). The Business Standard.

19. Factors behind the global water crisis: Facts, consequences, and solutions (2022). Modern Diplomacy.

20. বৈশ্বিক পানি সংকটের কারণ ও প্রতিকার (2022). দৈনিক যায়যায়দিন.

21. Smartphone addiction in children: How are parents responsible for it? (2022). The Daily Star.

22. Can I speak to the ombudsman? (2022). The Dhaka Tribune.

23. Ombudsman system in Bangladesh (2022). The Daily Observer.

24. Challenges to making bureaucracy accountable in Bangladesh (2023). The Bushiness Standard.

25.  Big Data is watching you, and Big brother is controlling you (2023). Modern Diplomacy.

26. Big Data is Watching You (2023). International Policy Digest.

27. Article 70 Of Bangladesh’s Constitution: Why Does This Provision Need To Be Amended? (2023). Eurasia Review.

28. Cricket Diplomacy can be Both Beautiful and Ugly (2023). International Policy Digest.

Research Interests

Climate Change Gender Masculinity Governance Public Policy


  • MSS (University of Barishal)
  • BSS (University of Barishal)