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Nobonita Saha

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Nobonita Saha is a graduate student from the Institution of Nutrition and Food Science, University of Dhaka and currently pursuing a Master’s degree from the same background. She holds a research fellowship at the National Science and Technology, Bangladesh. She is particularly interested in micronutrients, anemia, integration of health systems with artificial intelligence, primary health care, and precession nutrition. Her current research on the contribution of groundwater iron to cooked rice and the potential implications of iron intake in the dietary assessment of populations from the different geographical locations of Bangladesh reveal a new insight into the iron mapping with the geographical location of Bangladesh. She has been working with the International Culinary Institute as a guest teacher and as a LCCI apponted external assessor.

Current Projects

1. Project: Alive&thrive
Role: RA

Other Publications

1. Can guava (Psidium guajava) leaf extracts develop an indigenous, simplified tool for a semi-quantitative assessment of iron in groundwater?. Journal article. Link:
2. Global research on syndemics: A meta-knowledge analysis (2001-2020). Journal article. Link:
3. Prevalence of anemia in diabetes mellitus in South Asia: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Journal article. Link:


1. National Science and Technology Fellowship

Research Interests

Epidemiology Child and Maternal Health Mental Health Digital Health


  • MS (University of Dhaka)
  • BS(University of Dhaka)