Research Projects

Adolescent Menstrual Experience and Health Cohort Study in Bangladesh

Timeline: 2022-05-01 - 2025-12-31

PI: Md. Tanvir Hasan and Tasfiya Jalil

Coordinator: Adrita Kaiser

Objective:"Project Objective: This research project aims to understand how menstrual health needs change over the adolescent period, and how unmet menstrual health impacts the health and broader well-being of adolescent girls.       

Project Synopsis: Our research project is focused on a longitudinal cohort of adolescent girls followed from close to menarche through their adolescent years. In preparation for the cohort, we will use qualitative methods to provide a more nuanced understanding and inform measurement related to menstrual health knowledge and social norms surrounding menstruation. In addition, cognitive interviews will be used to help adapt and refine measures for a pilot survey which will test the validity and reliability of key questions to be used across the cohort. The pilot will also provide a profile of menstrual health needs among adolescent girls in the study region and help to refine a-priori hypotheses and analytic protocols for the cohort. The baseline survey will be followed by intensive follow-up among a sub-set of menstruating participants, with the full cohort followed up yearly. As part of this we aim to reach 2000 adolescent girls from Khulna City Corporation and Dumuria in Khulna at the baseline and then follow them up every year."

Methodology: Mixed method

Donor: Burnet Institute, Australia


  1. Burnet Institute, Australia
  2. WaterAid, Bangladesh
  3. Nobolok, Bangladesh