Research Projects

Empowering Bangladesh's youth through adolescent health
Year: 2021 - 2022
IRB Number: IRB-9 November’21-037
Organaisation: BRAC JPGSPH
Situation Analysis Adolescents Health Programme Adolescent Health Programme Health System Health Care Service Delivery Youth Empowerment

By conducting a comprehensive review and situation analysis, this study aims to identify and analyze successful and impactful adolescent health programmes in Bangladesh and their key elements of success, effectiveness and efficiency of interventions.

PI: Professor Syed Masud Ahmed

Co PI: Dr. Nahitun Naher

Coordinator: Dr. Nahitun Naher

Objective:To explore and understand adolescent health, including sexual and reproductive health programmes in Bangladesh in the context of South-Asia, and document learning from the programmes

To elicit experiences, perceptions, and expectations of key stakeholders of the programmes and their suggestions to improve the services.

To identify impactful and scalable models from past and present AH/SRH programmes and explore underlying facilitating factors, challenges, and gaps to inform the development of future programmes.

Based on the analysis, suggest elements of an inclusive, integrated and sustainable AH/SRH programme that can be scaled up across the country.

Methodology: Scoping review, Qualitative method

Donor: The World Bank

Partner: The World Bank