Research Projects

Health Vulnerability from Heat Waves, Adaptation, and Solutions in Dhaka City: Validation through Ground Truthing of Satellite Imageries and community engagement
Year: 2024 - 2025
IRB Number: IRB-2024-IS-13
Organaisation: BRAC JPGSPH

This research study aims to map land surface temperatures (LST) and identify vulnerable areas affected by extreme heat conditions. It explores community adaptation strategies to cope with these conditions and estimates a heat vulnerability index to assess the susceptibility of different regions. The findings will provide crucial insights for developing targeted interventions to mitigate the adverse impacts of extreme heat on vulnerable populations.

PI: Riaz Hossain Khan

Co PI:

  • Baby Naznin
  • Anisur Rahman Bayazid

Coordinator: Baby Naznin


  • Land surface temperature (LST) Mapping and Vulnerable areas identification
  • Exploring community adaptation strategies against extreme heat conditions
  • Estimation of heat vulnerability index

Methodology: Qualitative & GIS mapping


  • FCDO; through University of Leeds