Research Projects

Estimating, Validating, and Visualizing the Level of Small Area Poverty and Its Impact on Urban Health Using Ground Level Data
Year: 2023 - 2025
IRB Number: IRB-21 May'23-019
Organaisation: BRAC JPGSPH

This research study focuses on estimating and mapping poverty in small areas to provide a detailed understanding of poverty distribution. It includes ground-level validation to ensure the accuracy of the estimated poverty maps. Additionally, the study examines the implications of poverty on health indicators and outcomes, aiming to highlight the relationship between poverty levels and health disparities. The findings will inform targeted interventions to improve health and socio-economic conditions in impoverished areas.

PI: Farzana Sehrin

Coordinator: Farzana Sehrin


  • Poverty Estimation and Mapping in Small Areas
  • Ground-level validation of Estimated Poverty Mapping
  • Implication of Health Indicators and Outcomes

Methodology: Quantitative

Donor: FCDO; through the University of Leeds