Research Projects

Creating UHC Momentum in Bangladesh: the Challenges and Opportunities
Year: 2015
IRB Number: 2015-97
Organaisation: BRAC JPGSPH
Universal Health Coverage Policy Qualitative Study Historical Study Stakeholders Grant Support Sustainable Development Goal Rockfeller Investment

PI: Professor Syed Masud Ahmed

Co PI: Natalie Phaholyothin


The primary objective of this task is to assess the contribution of RF portfolio in creating UHC momentum in Bangladesh which could be a useful and insightful to take forward the UHC initiatives in a broader level. The specific objectives include:

• Determine how a group of diverse stakeholders (RF grantees and their partners) individually and collectively contributed to the increased interest and momentum for UHC in Bangladesh.

• Understand, post-facto, how grant support can lift levers in specific cases towards UHC or not, in some cases and why.

• Develop a historical or qualitative study on how political momentum (policy influence and changes towards UHC initiatives) is created in a multi-pronged approach.

• Generate and document lessons from RF’s investment in Bangladesh towards UHC.

• Contribute to the field on the Bangladesh experience in raising momentum for UHC as the SDG’s are being shaped which will include UHC as a health goal.

Donor: Rockefeller Foundation