Research Projects

A global social sciences network for infectious threats and antimicrobial resistance
Year: 2019
IRB Number: 2019-020-lR
Organaisation: BRAC JPGSPH
Social Science Network Covid 19 Infectious Threat Vulnerability Assessment Community Engagement

PI: Professor Syed Masud Ahmed


To develop a community engagement model for epidemic preparedness and response involving and including multiple stakeholders, from vulnerable peoples and communities to stakeholders at high levels, and facilitate synergistic collaboration among them.

Specific Objectives:
Vulnerability Assessment (VA)
o Explore local understanding of COVID-19 vulnerabilities in the community and the contributing factors for the vulnerabilities as perceived by the stakeholders
o Identify barriers to address factors contributing to COVID-19 vulnerabilities and perceived measures to overcome these
Community Engagement (CE)
o Map existing community engagement structures in Bangladesh; explore possibilities to adapt these structures for epidemic preparedness and the challenges of implementation
o Share findings with concerned stakeholders (governments, NGOs, communities) and Act to reach a consensus for appropriate engagement model(s); develop guidance for enhanced engagement to strengthen preparation and response.
o Stimulate dialogue, gather insights, and provide a platform for exchanging views among a mixed group of stakeholders for their recommendations on COVID-19 CE approaches

Donor: European Commission, Directorate General, Research & Innovation