Research Projects

Assessment of post-crash care system in Bangladesh
Year: 2020
IRB Number: 2020-004-IR
Organaisation: BRAC JPGSPH
Health Care Behaviour Health Care Service Policy & Program Gaps Uhc Street Dwellers Floating Pepole

PI: Professor Syed Masud Ahmed


To explore the scenario regarding health care seeking behavior and available health care services, and identify gaps at the policy and programme levels for achieving universal health coverage in Bangladesh by 2030 for the street dwellers and floating population.

Specific Objectives:
• To explore the illness experience and relevant health seeking behavior of street dwellers and floating population
• To explore the types of health care providers they contacted, services they receive and facilities they visit to seek care
• To explore the responsiveness of the health system to cater the service for these population
• To explore possible ways to improve the scenario at policy & program level

Donor: World Bank