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Abu Ahmed Shamim

Associate Scientist

Centre of Excellence for Non-Communicable Diseases and Nutrition (CNCDN)

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Abu Ahmed Shamim has a diverse academic background (biochemistry, applied human nutrition, development studies and public health). He has more than a decade of experience in nutrition program management in public (National Nutrition Council) and in the nongovernmental sector (national and international NGOs); and also over a decade of experience of managing a nutrition research sites (JiVitA trials) of Johns Hopkins University. Shamim was involved with various organizations as consultants (including Food and Agriculture Organization, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, CONCERN Worldwide, Bangladesh National Nutrition Council, and Nutrition International). He has experience in disseminating research findings through writing research papers, popular articles and presentations in professional conferences in home and abroad. Authored 83 research papers in peer-reviewed and indexed journals and authored dozens of popular articles and reports, and presented papers in international meetings, conferences and congresses. List of papers will be available at: ‪ and/or

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

1. Ahmed, E., Jahan, I., Irfan, N. M., Khan, I. N., Mashreky, S. R., Ferdous, T., ... & Shamim, A. A. (2023). Dietary vitamin A intake and its major food sources among rural pregnant women of South-West Bangladesh. Heliyon, 9(1). 

2. Hanif, A. A. M., Shamim, A. A., Hossain, M. M., Hasan, M., Khan, M. S. A., Hossaine, M., ... & Mridha, M. K. (2021). Gender-specific prevalence and associated factors of hypertension among elderly Bangladeshi people: findings from a nationally representative cross-sectional survey. BMJ open, 11(1), e038326.

3. Hur, J., West Jr, K. P., Shamim, A. A., Rashid, M., Labrique, A. B., Wu, L. S., ... & Christian, P. (2020). Thinness and fecundability: time to pregnancy after adolescent marriage in rural Bangladesh. Maternal & Child Nutrition, 16(3), e12985. 

4. Surkan, P. J., Strobino, D. M., Mehra, S., Shamim, A. A., Rashid, M., Wu, L. S. F., ... & Christian, P. (2018). Unintended pregnancy is a risk factor for depressive symptoms among socio-economically disadvantaged women in rural Bangladesh. BMC pregnancy and childbirth, 18, 1-13.

5. Shamim, A. A., Mashreky, S. R., Ferdous, T., Tegenfeldt, K., Roy, S., Rahman, A. F., ... & Shaheen, N. (2016). Pregnant women diet quality and its sociodemographic determinants in southwestern Bangladesh. Food and nutrition bulletin, 37(1), 14-26.

6. Shamim, A. A., Schulze, K., Merrill, R. D., Kabir, A., Christian, P., Shaikh, S., ... & West Jr, K. P. (2015). First-trimester plasma tocopherols are associated with risk of miscarriage in rural Bangladesh. The American journal of clinical nutrition, 101(2), 294-301.

7. West, K. P., Shamim, A. A., Mehra, S., Labrique, A. B., Ali, H., Shaikh, S., ... & Christian, P. (2014). Effect of maternal multiple micronutrient vs iron–folic acid supplementation on infant mortality and adverse birth outcomes in rural Bangladesh: the JiVitA-3 randomized trial. Jama, 312(24), 2649-2658.

8. Shamim, A. A., Hanif, A. A., Merrill, R. D., Campbell, R. K., Kumkum, M. A., Shaikh, S., ... & Christian, P. (2015). Preferred delivery method and acceptability of wheat-soy blend (WSB++) as a daily complementary food supplement in Northwest Bangladesh. Ecology of food and nutrition, 54(1), 74-92.

9. Shamim, A. A., Kabir, A., Merrill, R. D., Ali, H., Rashid, M., Schulze, K., ... & Christian, P. (2013). Plasma zinc, vitamin B12 and α-tocopherol are positively and plasma γ-tocopherol is negatively associated with Hb concentration in early pregnancy in north-west Bangladesh. Public health nutrition, 16(8), 1354-1361.

10. Shamim, A. A., Christian, P., Schulze, K. J., Ali, H., Kabir, A., Rashid, M., ... & West Jr, K. P. (2012). Iodine status in pregnancy and household salt iodine content in rural Bangladesh. Maternal & child nutrition, 8(2), 162-173.

Other Publications

1. Shamim, A. A., Mistry, S. K., & Irfan, N. M. (2019). A Study to Identify the Research Gaps for Effective Implementation of the Second National Plan of Action for Nutrition (NPAN2) in Bangladesh. 

2. Shamim, A. A., Jannaty Mayna, I. J., Ridwan, S. M., & Khondker, R. (2018). Weekly menu for midday meal in Bangladeshi schools: Caregivers’ choices. Field Exchange 58, 27.

3. Shamim, A. A., Tegenfeldt, K., Aradhya, K., Ferdous, T., Banu, N., Roy, S., ... & Shaheen, N. (2016). Designing a food plate for dietary counselling of pregnant women in Bangladesh. Field Exchange 52, 116.

4. Shamim, A. A., Mawla, M. G., & Islam, Z. (2003). Palmyra palm-an under-exploited carotene-rich source. Sight and Life, 21-4.


Best oral paper of the Asian Conference of Nutrition award for the presentation entitled “α-tocopherol, γ-tocopherol and vitamin A status and risk of miscarriage, perinatal mortality and preterm delivery in rural northwest Bangladesh". 

Research Interests

Human nutrition food security food safety


  • MSc (Dhaka University)