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Senior Research Fellow

Centre of Excellence for Gender, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (CGSRHR)

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Saira Parveen Jolly is a Senior Research Fellow at BRAC James P Grant School of Public Health, BRAC University. Before working at the School, I worked in the BRAC, Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and International Center for Diarrhoea Disease and Research. She has 19 years of experience in designing and implementing research studies. She is trained in nutrition, public health, and epidemiology. She has expertise in clinical and community-based trials and programme-based research, mainly focusing on maternal, newborn and child health, nutrition, non-communicable diseases and disability. Saira has expertise in quantitative research, sound epidemiological data analysis knowledge, and published manuscripts in different peer reviewed journals. At present, she is doing her PhD at the University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

1. de Hoop T, Fallon S, Yunus FM, Munrat S, Jolly SP, Sehrin F, Aktar B, Ghani RBA & Sennett J. Mothers’ education and the effectiveness of nutrition programmes: evidence from a matched cross-sectional study in rural Bangladesh. Journal of Development Effectiveness.2020;12:4, 279-297, DOI: 10.1080/19439342.2020.1828998. 

2. Jolly SP, Chowdhury TR, Rahman M, Alam A, Afsana K. Prevention of social exclusion and role of BRAC community health workers in improving safe motherhood and neonatal care in urban slums of Bangladesh. Plos One. 2020;15(7):e0235340. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0235340. 

3. Mactaggart I, Schmidt WP, Bostoen K, Chunga J, Danquah L, Halder AK, Jolly SP, Polack S, Rahman M, Snel M, Kuper H, Biran A. Access to water and sanitation among people with disabilities: results from cross-sectional surveys in Bangladesh, Cameroon, India and Malawi. BMJ Open. 2018;8(6):e020077. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2017-020077. 

4. Jolly SP, Rahman M, Afsana K, Yunus FM, Chowdhury AMR. Evaluation of Maternal Health Service Indicators in Urban Slum of Bangladesh. Plos One. 2016;11(10):e0162825. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0162825. 

5. Shafique S, Sellen DW, Lou W, Chowdhury SBJ, Jolly SP, Zlotkin SH. Water-based hand sanitizer and mineral-enhanced micronutrient powder combined with nutrition, health and hygiene education reduces stunting among full-term low birth weight infants in Bangladesh: a 2X2 factorial, cluster randomized trial. Am J Clin Nutr.2016; 103(5):1357-69. 

6. Roy SK, Bilkes F, Islam K, Ara G, Tanner P, Wosk I, Rahman AS, Chakraborty B, Jolly SP, Khatun W. Impact of Health & Nutrition Pilot Project of Rural maintenance program (RMP): CARE, Bangladesh. Food Nutr Bull. 2008; 29 (1): 67-75. 

7. Roy SK, Jolly SP, Shafique S, Fuchs GJ, Mahmud Z, Chakraborty B, Roy S. An educational intervention prevents malnutrition of young children in rural Bangladesh: a randomized controlled trial. Food Nutr Bull. 2007 28 (4): 375-383. 

8. Roy SK, Tomkins AM, Akramuzzaman SM, Chakraborty B, Ara G, Biswas R, Islam KE, Khatun W, Jolly SP. Impact of Zinc supplementation on subsequent morbidity and growth in Bangladeshi children with persistent diarrhoea. J Health Popul Nutr. 2007:25 (1): 67-74. 

9. Roy SK, Tomkins AM, Ara G, Jolly SP, Khatun W, Chowdhury R, Chakraborty B. Impact of Zinc Deficiency on Vibrio Cholerae Enterotoxin-Stimulated Water and Electrolyte Transport in Animal Model. J Health Popul Nutr. 2006:24 (1): 42-47. 


  • MSc (University of Dhaka)