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Md Waheduzzaman

Senior Manager - Budget (Finance and Accounts)


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Md Waheduzzman is a highly skilled professional serving as a Senior Manager- Budget in the field of finance and budgeting. With his extensive expertise and experience, he plays role in preparing budgets for various projects and collaborates closely with finance team members to ensure accurate financial planning and allocation. Throughout his career, Md Waheduzzman has developed a strong proficiency in budgeting methodologies and financial analysis. He possesses a deep understanding of project management principles, enabling him to effectively assess project requirements and translate them into comprehensive budgetary plans. His meticulous attention to detail and analytical mindset allows him to identify potential risks and opportunities, ensuring the financial viability of projects. Md Waheduzzman's dedication to his role extends beyond the preparation of budgets. He actively monitors project performance, comparing actual expenditures against the budgeted amounts and conducting regular financial analyses. This allows him to provide valuable insights and recommendations to senior management, enabling informed decision-making and resource optimization. Md Waheduzzaman holds an Executive Master's Degree in Business Administration in Finance & Banking and Management & Human Resources. Additionally, he has obtained a CA (CC) certification from Ashraful Haque Nabi & Co (Chartered Accountants).


  • Executive MBA (BRAC University)
  • CA (CC)