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Sabrina Mustabin Jaigirdar

Deputy Research Coordinator

Centre of Excellence for Urban Equity and Health (CUEH)

Short Biography

Sabrina Mustabin Jaigirdar is a Deputy Research Coordinator at JPGSPH. She is skilled in coordinating and managing global partnership projects , conceptualising and conducting quantitative and qualitative research and disseminating research findings. Her current research project aims to improve population health, enhance health equity and ensure environmental sustainability in cities worldwide through co-production of rigorous evidence with policy and civil society partners in cities in five countries. The other project she researches explores the potential for a novel STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics ) intervention to build health literacy with children (7-14 years old) within the context of informal settlement (e.g. slum) schools in Bangladesh. Previously in 2021, she worked as the Research Manager at DataSense, iSocial for the multi-lateral project 'Fairwork' based at the Oxford Internet Institute and the WZB Berlin Social Science Center. She worked with gig workers, platforms, advocates and policymakers to envision and build a fairer future of work. Besides her research endeavours, Sabrina Jaigirdar has served as the Senior teacher in Economics at the Drexel International School and as a teaching fellow and tutor in the Health Economics & Health Care Financing module at JPGSPH. She also recieved the Prime Minister Gold Medal 2017 for Academic Excellence.

Current Projects

1. Project: Pathways To Equitable Healthy Cities
Donor: Wellcome Trust through Imperial College London
Role: Research Coordinator

2. Project: Pathways To Equitable Healthy Cities: Public Engagement on Waste Management and Waterlogging in Dhaka City
Donor: Wellcome Trust through Imperial College London
Role: Co-I

3. Integrating arts and health engagement with urban slum communities: scoping a STEAM education initiative with key stakeholders in Bangladesh
Donor: Crucible, University of Leeds
Role: Co-I

Other Publications

1. Taking the bus as a girl in Dhaka
A view of Dhaka city's broken commuting system (2022). Newspaper Name: Dhaka Tribune. Link:

2. A Knowledge Coproduction Workshop for an Equitable Healthy Dhaka City(2022). Website: BRAC University.

3. The complexities of the urban development: An insight into the policy dimensions(2022). Website: Pathways to Equitable Healthy Cities. Link:

Research Interests

Climate Change Urban Health System Occupational health Mental Health Education System


  • Education Masters in Social Science (Economics) Shahjalal University of Science and Technology Bachelors in Social Science (Economics) Shahjalal University of Science and Technology