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Md. Tanzirul Alam

Research Assistant

Centre of Excellence for Gender, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (CGSRHR)

Short Biography

Md.Tanzirul Alam is a Research Assistant at JPGSPH. He completed his graduation in Speech and Language Pathology from Department of Communication Disorders, University of Dhaka. He is skilled in communication, presentation, conducting qualitative interviews and qualitative data analysis. He is currently working on a project focusing on Digital Health and Rights in Bangladesh. His undergraduate studies focus on the help of the people with special needs, and in a broader aspect, public awareness and inclusive policy reformation. With a passion for policy research, together with his academic and professional experience, he would like to work on global health care system that will function on an Inclusive approach where there would be no such concept of minority or the marginalized.

Research Interests

Gender Sexual and Reproductive Health Digital Health


  • BSS (University of Dhaka)