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Farzana Sehrin

Research Fellow

Centre of Excellence for Urban Equity and Health (CUEH)

Short Biography

Farzana Sehrin is a Research Fellow at the BRAC James P Grant School of Public Health working under the Centre of Excellence for Urban Equity and Health. Prior to this role, she worked as a Senior Research Associate in the Impact Assessment Unit, Research and Evaluation Division, BRAC, for a period of three years. She graduated in Economics from Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka Bangladesh. Prior to joining BRAC, she served as a Research Associate at the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), a civil society think tank in Bangladesh, for over three years. Her expertise lies in research design, especially experimental research design (RCT, lab-in-field experiments and quasi-experimental) within the field of social sciences, quantitative analysis, proposal writing and report and manuscript writing. She has commendable skills in utilizing STATA and R for quantitative research, which sets her apart in terms of data analysis. Throughout her career, She conducted various impact assessments for BRAC programs, including the evaluation of BRAC's nutrition and early childhood development program, the assessment of the impact of the BRAC Reading Glass Program on livelihood and productivity in rural Bangladesh, and the evaluation of the Char development and settlement program. Currently, within the CHORUS project at BRAC James P Grant School of Public Health, she works as a Research Fellow. Her responsibility involves supervising research work during the need assessment phase. This includes tasks such as developing tools for Key Informant Interviews (KII) and In-Depth Interviews (IDI), conducting interviews, and preparing reports. Additionally, she is responsible for secondary data analysis and manuscript writing, conducting Discreate Choice Experiment, analyzing data, and preparing reports and manuscripts.

Module(s) taught (in MPH)

  • MPH 521: Biostatistics

Current Projects

Project: Community-led Responsive and Effective Urban Health Systems (CHORUS)
Donar: Funded by United Kingdom’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and led by ed by Nuffield Centre for International Health and Development, University of Leeds and University of York.
Role: Researcher

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

Sehrin, Farzana ; Jin, Ling  ; Naher, Kamrun ; Chandra Das, Narayan ; Chan, Ving Fai ; Bergson, Susan ; Gudwin, Ella  ; Clarke, Mike  ; Congdon, Nathan. The effect on income of providing near vision correction to workers in Bangladesh: the THRIVE (Tradespeople and Hand-workers Rural Initiative for a Vision-enhanced Economy) randomized controlled trial. (Forthcoming)
Moazzem, K. G., & Sehrin, F. (2016). Economic Upgradation in Bangladesh 's Apparel Value Chain during the Post-MFA Period: An Exploratory Analysis. South Asian Economic Journal, 17(1), 73-93.
Hoop,D.T., Shelby, F.,Yunus,M.F.,Munarat,S.,Jolly,P.S.,Sehrin,F.,Akhter,B.,Ghani,A.B.G.,Sennett, J (2020). Mothers’ education and the effectiveness of nutrition programs: Evidence from a matched cross-sectional study in rural Bangladesh. Journal of Development Effectiveness,12(4),279-297 
Rahman, M., Moazzem, K. G., Chowdhury, M. I., & Sehrin, F. (2016). Bangladesh: Perspectives on deepening cross-border. In M. G. Plummer, P. J. Morgan, & G. Wignaraja, Connecting Asia: Infrastructure for Integrating South and Southeast Asia (pp. 304-329). UK: Asian Development Bank Institute co-published with Edward Elgar. Retrieved from:
Moazzem,  K. G., Chowdury,  M., Sherin.  F (2014).  Regional Investment Cooperation under the Proposed South Asia Economic Union-State of FDI Policies, Its Trends, Challenges, and Preparedness. 

Other Publications

Rahman, M., Moazzem, K. G., Chowdhury, M. I., & Sehrin, F. (2014). Connecting South Asia and   Southeast Asia: A Bangladesh Country Study.  Working paper No 500.Manila: Asian Development Bank Institute. 

Export-oriented plastic industry of Bangladesh: Opportunities and Challenges.

Research Interests

Poverty analysis gender equity quantitative analysis of development policies and impact assessment of social programs.


  • MSc in Economics
  • Jahangirnagar University BSc in Economics
  • Jahangirnagar University