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Md. Mynul Kabir

System Engineer


Short Biography

I have held different IT-related positions in various companies, namely BRAC IT Services Ltd, Zara Zaman Technologies Ltd, BiTS (a BRAC BANK Company), H & U IT LAB, and MK Plus. At Zara Zaman Technologies Ltd and BiTS (a BRAC BANK Company), I served as a Senior Support Engineer. My responsibilities included the maintenance and monitoring of ATM software for multiple banks, customization of ATM operating systems, troubleshooting hardware and software issues, providing maintenance training, conducting in-house tests, and offering support to 156 ATM booths of Brac bank. Additionally, I installed 35 dispensers during my time there. During my tenure at H & U IT LAB, my role was that of a Project Coordinator. I was responsible for overseeing the operational work and ongoing projects of the IT department. This involved managing a team, addressing technology-related concerns, and ensuring the maintenance of IT inventory. Lastly, at MK Plus (Distribution house of Banglalink), I worked as an IT Executive. My duties encompassed providing IT support, managing a team, troubleshooting IT inventory issues, and overseeing the internal and hosted network infrastructure.


  • B.Sc. (Hons) in Computing (University of Greenwich)