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Skills demand analysis of home-based palliative/ rehabilitative/disability/elderly care services health care services in Bangladesh
Year: 2020 - 2022
IRB Number: IRB 12 July'20-032
Organaisation: BRAC JPGSPH
Health Care Health Care Service Health Care Sector Post-Covid Disability Care Palliative Care Health Care Service Delivery Health System Covid-19 Pandemic Employment Opportunities Paraprofessionals Skill Demand Homebased Care

This study aims to explore the emerging employment opportunities in the health care sector given the current shortage of allied health care workers (besides doctors and nurses) in the formal system following COVID-19 pandemic and a major paradigm shift towards the demand for home-based palliative/ /rehabilitative/disability/elderly care services.

PI: Professor Syed Masud Ahmed, Director, CoE-HS&UHC, BRAC JPGSPH

Co PI: Dr Nahitun Naher, Assistant Director, BRAC JPGSPH

Coordinator: Dr Nahitun Naher, Assistant Director, BRAC JPGSPH


To explore the potential employment opportunities in the health care sector given the current COVID-19 crisis which revealed a shortage of all kinds of health care workers in the formal system and a major paradigm shift towards the need for provisioning home-based health care services.

Specific Objectives:
• To explore the types of healthcare services in demand among the urban population outside the formal health sector (e.g., home-based, palliative, disability care services) considering the post Covid-19 scenario
• To assess the new employment opportunities at hospitals (both in public and private) and organizations (e.g. NGOs, training institutions, private organizations) that can produce the para-professionals/technicians to support the mainstream health care providers in facilitating the delivery of services at the facilities
• To identify the current authority certifying these para-professionals/technicians and probable authority that would certify these new and emerging cadres
• To explore the trainer availability for the existing, new, and emerging training courses at the institutional level
• To explore the current requirements including education level to be eligible to apply for the existing courses, and assess what may be the requirements including education level for the new and emerging training courses
• To explore the growth of job-providing organizations that are likely to expand their businesses in the healthcare sector in urban settings and beyond COVID-19

Methodology: Mixed method

Donor: Skills Development Programme, BRAC

Partner: Skills Development Programme, BRAC